Our history and our mission

Breviglieri was founded in 1949 by Oreste Breviglieri, an ingenious young entrepreneur who, having observed first-hand the difficulties and hardships of work in the fields, demonstrated great commitment, obstinacy and enthusiasm in setting up a business to create products that make agricultural work easier.
With remarkable foresight, he designed a new concept of equipment in the PTO-driven soil-working machinery segment, making a significant contribution to facilitating the transition from traditional to mechanised farming.
Over the years the company has continued its tradition of continuous product innovation, leading to the award of numerous international patents.
It has also continued to attract a broad base of discerning customers intent on making a good return on their equipment investment.
This has enabled Breviglieri to expand and reach beyond national borders, transforming into a business which currently exports 75% of its production to many countries worldwide.

Breviglieri - High-quality products

Today Breviglieri is a brand with a sterling reputation for its range of high-quality products, as well as for the excellence of its continuous research, the growth of its human resources, its sense of responsibility and its close contact with customers and the market.
These are our main guidelines, genuine opportunities for the company’s development and the guarantee of our future success.

The rapid evolution of the world markets is transforming the needs of the agricultural industry, as well as changing demand: in addition to utilising traditional sales channels (dealers, distributors, importers), in recent years the company has established solid partnerships as an OEM supplier to a number of major European manufacturers.
These firms, leaders in their segment, require suppliers who are able to provide suitable solutions and represent another growth driver for Breviglieri, as well as helping to shape its corporate culture.
The key elements which define the company and its mission are the resolve to pursue the continuous improvement of product quality and the production process, flexibility and, not least, the cohesion and pride of a medium-sized, independent family business which is nevertheless supported by an expert managerial organisation.

In March 2016, Breviglieri Company joined the Agrimaster Group.

In May 2018, with a merger by incorporation, Breviglieri S.p.A. has become DEMETRA S.p.A..

From 1 April 2022 the BREVIAGRI brand replaces the BREVIGLIERI brand.


The COMPANY MISSION of DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND is to be a leader in the design, production and marketing of soil tillage equipment, respecting its customers, collaborators, suppliers and all interested parties involved, as well as the environment. DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND is therefore aware that the success and existence of its organization in providing cutting-edge technological solutions depends on the ability to meet the needs and expectations not only of the customer (retailers in the agricultural sector, end users of products and services), but also of all interested parties. In this regard, it plans and implements a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, determining the factors that could divert the business processes and the quality management system from the planned results and implementing preventive checks to minimize negative effects and successfully implement opportunities. The top management is also convinced that the certification of the quality management system represents a precious opportunity for personal enrichment on a cultural level, resulting in greater openness to the world outside the company. The quality policy of DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND includes the following objectives:

  • increase the degree of satisfaction of its customers by becoming an increasingly reliable partner;
  • supply products in compliance with the laws and regulations of the sector in force, within the agreed delivery times;
  • incorporate technological innovations for the product and processes;
  • increase the professionalism and skills of personnel through training and education activities;
  • enhance the computerization of information, optimizing the use of corporate IT tools;
  • continuously monitor the progress of process indicators and the status of achievement of improvement objectives;
  • pursue continuous improvement.

Top Management is primarily committed to achieving the established objectives and asks all individual employees for their contribution to the success of the organizational system implemented. The contents of this policy are systematically reviewed to verify their suitability for the objectives of the system and disseminated to all interested parties.


DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND is an important Italian company producing agricultural machinery and equipment, organized according to a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and a UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System.

The primary objective of DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND is to obtain and subsequently maintain the certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard and, for this purpose, the objectives for the process indicators for continuous improvement are defined, and targets for the environmental program.

The Management ensures that the DEMETRA S.P.A. - BREVIAGRI BRAND is applied for:

  • respect and implement the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard;
  • comply with the requirements contained in the AUA (Single Environmental Authorization) in force for the Company;
  • apply the logic of risk management in the management of processes;
  • make available resources, economic means and skills, assign powers and responsibilities and define the procedures necessary for the correct and effective functioning of its management system;
  • continually improve the internal production system and any associated environmental impacts as a result of investments;
  • evaluate, with a view to continuous improvement, the economic feasibility of using the best available techniques for reducing the environmental impact of production activity;
  • ensure the application in the most rigorous and constant compliance with all applicable regulations in the environmental fields relating to its activities;
  • improve the professionalism and competence of all staff as well as promote the awareness and involvement of all its staff in the implementation of the policy through dedicated training and information;
  • involve the staff for the correct application of the operating procedures of the management system;
  • involve its suppliers of goods and services in the pursuit of its improvement objectives;
  • involve its suppliers in compliance with the procedures for the environmental management system;
  • promote a transparent and collaborative relationship with public administration bodies and local communities;
  • inform all interested parties about the activities that the company carries out in the field of environmental quality;
  • raise awareness of all staff and suppliers on the proper management of waste produced in order to reduce the impact on the environment;
  • adopt all technological and managerial measures to prevent and respond to emergencies;
  • systematically assess and control the impact on the environment of any activity carried out to avoid and / or manage emergency situations.

This Environmental Policy is communicated to all staff, and is available to the public and to anyone who requests it. The Management undertakes to review the Management System at least once a year to ensure its effectiveness and to verify the relevance of this Policy.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 col2

Certificate n. 21469/10/S Certificate n. EMS-9015/S



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